5 Divine Benefits of Baruni Bath on Baitarani River

Let us know the surprising 5 divine benefits of Baruni Bath on Baitarani River. The Baitarani River falls about a kilometer north of Birjakshetra Jajpur. It believed that bathing in the holy river Baitarani in Odisha, like the holy river Ganges, is beneficial.

In the Baruni Yoga, devotees bathe in the Baitarani River and the sea to pay homage to their ancestors. Since the north side of Baitarani is very sacred, the fair is held there for a long time from Krishna Triodashi in the month of Chaitra.

Baruni Mela 2023 – 19th March 2023

divine benefits of baruni
divine benefits of baruni

Surprisingly Benefits of Baruni Kumbha Mela

  • Since bathing in River Baitarani bestows special religious benefits, devotees, pilgrims and Saints bathe during the Baruni Mela
  • The main ritual performed at that Baruni Kumbh Mela is the ritual bath or Shahi Snan on most auspicious days.
  • it is believed that bathing themselves in the sacred waters on the most auspicious day of the new moon will absolve them and their ancestors of sin.
  • Bathing in river Baitarani river duting baruni mela resulting same benefits as compared to in river Ganga which ending the cycle of rebirth.
  • Bathing during the Baruni Mela earns merits equivalent to 1,000 Ashvamedha Yadnyas, 100 Vajapeyas, and 1 lakh pradakshinas or circumambulations around the earth.

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