Agni Utsav Purnima 2024 – Celebration

In Odisha, Agni Utsav is a festival is celebrated all over Odisha on Magha Purnima. It is a festival that heralds the end of winter and the arrival of spring. In Odisha, it is also referred to as Agijala Purnima or Agira Purnima.

Agni Utsav 2024 Date

  • 2023 – 5th February 2023 (Sunday)
  • 2024- 23rd February 2023 (Friday)

Why Agni Utsav Celebrated

Our Odisha is an agricultural state. Cultural festivals are celebrated based on agriculture. The winter season is leaving and the seasonal spring welcomes the intense heat of the summer and bids farewell to the winter evenings. Because Saraswati is called Agni in the Vedas. Consuming fire in the spring season is beneficial for the body. Civilization and knowledge have developed ever since man discovered the use of fire. So Agni Puja is celebrated as a form of gratitude.

agni utsav
agni utsav_agira purnima_agira utsav

How Agni Utsav Celebrated in Odisha

This festival is celebrated in Odisha on the night of Magha Purnima. This institution is performed by lighting a big bonfire at the head of the village or near the village temple. People throw various raw materials like coconuts into that fire. After extinguishing the fire, it is collected and consumed. There is still a superstition of eating it to prevent spring diseases and expecting children of barren gourd. This festival is celebrated in every village of Odisha. First the kamar is covered with a cloth and after worshiping the shal machine, the shal fire is collected in the shol. The fire is preserved in a bowl made of straw. At night at the place of agira, the Brahmin fire deity is worshiped and the fire is set on fire in that fire.

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