Bring this things to home on Janmashtami for Good Luck

Janmashtami is a Hindu festival celebrating the birth of the Lord Sri Krishna. Janmashtami is very important in Hindu culture. So on this auspicious day. A few things should be brought home on this Janmashtami to get good luck and grace of Lord Sri Krishna.


What things to be brought home on janmashtami for Good Luck in Life

  • By Bringing Kamadhenu’s Photo or statue home on Jannashtami brings improvement in business.
  • Flute of Shrikrishna can also bring home on this day. It is said that there is never a shortage of wealth and love in a home where there is a Flute. Placing Flute at the Home removes the problems attached to the home.
  • Childless couples should bring a photo of Balragopal on birthday and hang it on the wall. By this the blessings of Lord Krishna are obtained.
  • Bringing Ganga water is said to be auspicious. Ganga water reduces the negative energy of the house and increases happiness and prosperity.
  • It is auspicious to bring sandalwood to the house or do sandalwood tilak on the day of Jannashtami.
  • Bring home honey on Jannashtami. It removes many air defects and it is good to prepare Panchamrit with honey.

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