How can Blessing of Goddess Saraswati always be upon you

Magha Shukla Panchami is celebrated as ‘Sri Panchami ‘ or ‘Basant Panchami ‘. It is the day of worship of Maa Saraswati, the goddess of learning and music. Goddess Saraswati appeared on this day. has faith On this occasion Goddess Saraswati is worshiped with devotion and success.

saraswati bandana
saraswati bandana

How to Celebrate and Puja on Saraswati Puja

Students are special to Maa Bagdevi for worshiping and attaining. Do before sunrise and take bath and put on new clothes. Devotee Flowers are offered in their respective educational institutions. Musicians are also worshiped the goddess Binapani and do puja of Saraswati Yantra. Students recites Saraswati Stotra and seeking blessing of Maa to success in the exam. Also, on this occasion, small children start their study. It is also auspicious to bow down in front of Bagdevi and take her blessings. This is the day we also take the blessing of Gurus, Teachers and Mentors.

What to do on Saraswati Puja

  • Placing a photo of Mother Saraswati at home and in the school brings success. By doing this, the differences in the field of work are observed.
  • Do not keep the broken photo of mother Saraswati at home.
  • Keep the reading room and bookshelves clean. Offer yellow clothes to Maa Saraswati and wear yellow clothes yourself.

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