How Some trees bring Positive Energy, Wealth, Happiness

If you are going through financial problems, plant some such trees at home, so that this crisis will be avoided. According to Vastu scriptures, let us know about which tree can be beneficial
according to religious standards.

  • Tulsi is a divine Plant in which Maa Lakshmi resides. If you plant a tulsi tree in the north-east side of the house and perform regular puja, financial problems will go away. This is how wealth begins.
  • According to Hindu scriptures, the role of night Jasmine / parijat is said to be important. By planting this tree in the house, it removes the bad luck. It also increases happiness and prosperity in the home.
  • Aparajita / Butterfly pea white and Blue colors flowers are only in the house yard. It does not increase beauty but removes the evil effects of Shani Dev. Placing it in the house brings wealth and positive energy.

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