In which finger indelible ink used during Elections in India

Electoral ink, also known as indelible ink, electoral stain, or phosphoric ink, is a semi-permanent ink or dye that is typically placed on voters’ forefingers during elections to prevent electoral fraud such as duplicate voting.

Application indelible ink on Electoral finger

  • The left forefinger to be inspected by the Presiding officer or Polling Officer and an Indelible Ink mark to be put on it.
  • If any poll has been conducted not more than two months prior to the date of poll of current election, in such cases, the Indelible Ink shall be marked on the middle finger instead of fore finger of the left hand. If ink has already been applied on fore finger as well as middle finger then the ink shall be applied on ring finger and so on.
  • In case of missing finger rule 49K of the CER, 1961 shall continue to apply.

Which Solution is used in indelible ink

Industry-standard electoral inks include 10%, 14%, or 18% silver nitrate solution, depending on whether the mark must be visible.

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