List of Members / Seats From 1st Lok Sabha to 17th Lok Sabha in India 2023

The country has been divided into 543 Parliamentary Constituencies for the Lok Sabha. Members of the Lok Sabha are directly chosen by eligible voters. In 1951-1st Lok Sabha has 488 Members.The President of India may appoint up to two members to represent the Anglo-Indian community.

SL. No.Lok SabhaDateConstituencies
11st Lok SabhaApr-1951488
22nd Lok SabhaApr-1957494
33rd Lok SabhaApr-1962494
44th Lok SabhaMar-1967520
55th Lok SabhaMar-1971518
66th Lok SabhaMar-1977542
77th Lok SabhaJan-1980542
88th Lok SabhaDec-1984541
99th Lok SabhaDec-1989529
1010th Lok SabhaJun-1991534
1111th Lok SabhaMay-1996543
1212th Lok SabhaMar-1998543
1313th Lok SabhaOct-1999543
1414th Lok SabhaMay-2004543
1515th Lok SabhaMay-2009543
1616th Lok SabhaMay-2014543
1717th Lok SabhaMay-2019543

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