List of Special Session Of Parliament India From 1947 To 2023

When House MPs Gathered On Govt’s Call. The government of India has announced that a special session of Parliament will be called for five days from September 18-22 . It surprised the both politial observers as well as the Opposition parties. Here’s is Special Session Of Parliament: From 1947 To 2023.

What is Special Session of Parliament

A “special session” is not defined in the Indian Constitution. The phrase is sometimes used to describe meetings called by the government to mark special events, such as legislative or national anniversaries.

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Date wise Special Session o Parliament

A special session of parliament has, over the years, been called by the government in power for a variety of reasons, regardless of the motivations of the current administration. The dates and reasons for each special session of parliament that India’s parliament has summoned over the years are shown here.

  • 1st Parliament Session14th-15th August, 1947-on the eve of India’s Independence to mark the transfer of power as the British left India and the democratic republic of India. Prime Minister-Jawahar Lal Nehru
  • 2nd Parliament Session8th-9th November, 1962– To discuss India-China war. Prime Minister-Jawahar Lal Nehru
  • 3rd Parliament Session14th-15th August 1972– To celebrate India’s 25th Independence Day. Prime Minister-Indira Gandhi
  • 4th Parliament Session9th August Midnight, 1992– To mark 50th anniversary of the ‘Quit India’ movement, Prime Minister-P. V. Narasimha Rao
  • 5th Parliament Session – 14-15th August Midnight, 1997- To commemorate India’s 50th Independence Day anniversary. Prime Minister-H. D. Deve Gowda
  • 6th Parliament Session26-27th November, 2015– Dr BR Ambedkar’s 125th birth anniversary. Prime Minister-Narendra Modi
  • 7th Parliament Session30th June, 2017– to discuss the GST rollout across the country. Prime Minister-Narendra Modi
  • 8th Parliament Session– The special session this year will be held from September 18-22. Prime Minister- Narendra Modi
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