Main Reason Behind Why Indian Women Don’t Prostrate on Sastang

Why Indian Women Don’t Prostrate on Sastang Let us know the reason behind it. Have you ever seen many people lying down in front of Gods and bowing their heads Yes, it is called prostration.

How People Prostrate on Sastang in front of Idol

According to the scriptures and mythology, it is believed that every limb of the person touches the ground in this prostration. It is believed that by bowing in such a way, one’s pride and arrogance are destroyed in front god or honourable . Through this asana or prostration tell God that you are seeking blessing for help. This seat or asana takes you to the shelter of God. But have you ever noticed why women don’t do this bow? This is explained in the scriptures You must know that.

Reason behind why Indian Women Don’t Prostrate on Sastang

According to scriptures and mythology, a woman’s womb and chest should never touch the ground. This is because her womb sustains a life and her breast nourishes that life. So women cannot do this prostration. Those who do this should not perform this prostration.

prostrate on Sastang
Prostrate on Sastang

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