Charges by Indian Railway for Film Shooting on Trains

Indian Railways charges a minimum of Rs 4,74,345 a day for film shoots on trains, including stations, in addition to other fees. The charges include

  • Rs 1 lakh for A1 and A cities
  • Rs 50,000 for B1 and B cities
  • Rs 25,000 for other sites.
  • Moving/stable railway coaches cost Rs 30,000.
  • Hilly area surcharge: 20% for trains on narrow gauge.
  • Service tax: 3.7% for AC and first-class coaches.

How much money charges by Railway for booking of one engine with four buggies

If a shoot requires a train engine and four bogies, the Railways will charge approximately Rs 50 lakh each day. Trains have long been popular in Indian cinema, and the Ministry of Railways appears to have decided to capitalize on this. Starting August 1, special trains for filming would cost at least Rs. 4.5 lakh per day, up from roughly Rs. 2.30 lakh currently.

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