65+ Sanitation Full Form or Abbreviation

Let us know some Sanitation Full Form or Abbreviation in Sanitation Field. The terms are used in SWM, FSSM and PWM.

Updated Full Form or Abbreviation Used in Solid Waste Management

APMC-Agricultural Produce Market Committee
BCC – Behavioural Change Communication
BOV – Battery Operated Vehicle
BWG – Bulk Waste Generator
CPHEEO – Central Public Health & Environmental Engineering Organisation
EM – Effective Microorganism.
ERSU – Emergency Response Sanitation Unit
GFC – Garbage Free City
GVP – Garbage Vulnerable Points
IEC – Information Education Communication
IVM – Independent Validation Matrix
LCV – Light Commercial Vehicle
MCC – Micro Composting Centre
MLD – Millions Liters Per Day
MoHUA – Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs
MoSJE – Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment
MRF – Material Recovery Facility
OCC – Onsite Composting Centre
PEMSRA – Prohibition of Employment as Manual Scavengers and their Rehabilitation Act
PPE – Personal Protection Equipment
PSSO – Private Sanitation Service Organisation
RDF – Refuse Derived Fuel
RSA – Responsible Sanitation Authority
RWA – Residents Welfare Association
SLA – Service Level Agreement
SLP – Service Level Progress
SNA – Single Nodal Account
SRU – Sanitation Response Unit
SS – Swachh Survekshan
STC – Swachha Technology Challenge
SUP – Single Use Plastic
TBA – To be Announced
TBD – To be Decided
TPD – Ton Per Day

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