Bhadrak Baba Budha Ganesh and Toka Ganesh Puja

Bhadrak Baba Budha Ganesh Puja is historically Famous for its Mandap and Bhasani festival (Idol Immersion procession). It is about 150 Years old Puja of Sri Sri Baba Budha Ganesha who represents the success of brotherhood. Toka Ganesh Mandap in Puruna Bazar,Bhadrak and Baba Budha Ganesh Mandap in Puruna Bazar,Bhadrak.

budha ganesh
bhadrak baba budha ganesh

Different Ganesh Puja Mandap at Bhadrak

  • Budha Ganesh – Puruna Bazar, Bhadrak – 1 Month
  • Toka Ganesh – Puruna Bazar, Bhadrak -1 Month
  • Pila Ganesh – Kuansha, Bhadrak – 1 Month
  • Kuni Ganesh – Kuansha, Bhadrak
  • Chhua Ganesh – Sweeper Colony, Kuansha, Bhadrak -1 Month
  • Kachan Ganesh – Kuansha, Bhadrak
  • Bal Ganesh – Kadambeda, Bhadrak

The worship of Lord Ganesha has started with Madambara in different parts of Bhadrak city. This year, Ganesh Puja has started with worshiped in the Salandi river ghat. On the first day, the program of the daily Bhajan evening including Kalas procession, Ghat installation, Poojaneeti, flower arrangement and Bhog Seban on the Mahaalati evening.

Celebration of Baba Budha Ganesha Puja Mandap

Photos of Kanchan Ganesh, Pila Ganesh, Chhua Ganesh, Kuni Ganesh and Bal Ganesh

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