How to worship Lord Ganesh for Success in Life

Lord Ganesha can be worshiped in a number of ways. People should simply love him with with affection and devotion, without exerting any additional effort. Whatever happens in life, never worried and belief in Lord Ganesha. He takes away all the challenges in life. Let us know how to please Lord Ganesh.

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How the Blessing of Lord Ganesh is upon you

  • Light a Diya – Before you begin praying to Ganpati, you must first light a diya. Place a Lord Ganpati statue / Photo and burn a diya with desi ghee.
  • Offer Yellow Flowers – Devotees must Offer him with a garland, and Lord Ganesha adores yellow flowers, therefore make sure you present him with flowers or a garland consisting of yellow flowers.
  • Offer Laddoos and Modaks . Lord Ganesha’s favorite sweet is Boondi Laddoos and Modaks, and those who offer them on Thursdays are blessed with the fulfillment of their wishes.
  • Bananas – People should not forget to bring bananas.
  • Offer Durva Grass – If you want to be successful in your work or business and become financially independent, you must offer Durva Grass to Lord Ganesha every Wednesday because it is Lord Ganesha’s favorite plant.
  • Devote – It is thought that God constantly listens to his devotees, thus it is beneficial to sit for a while, envision him, and express your feelings for your God before surrendering yourself to Ganpati Ji.
  • Chant Chant daily this Ganesh Mantra for Success in Life.

How to place Ganesh Idol or Photo for Success at School, Home and Work Place

  • Studens Pupils should worship Lord Ganesha facing west.
  • Worship Lord Ganesha facing south in the house for the destruction of evil.
  • Worship Lord Ganesha facing northeast to improve life. Success is guaranteed.

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