District wise 314 Blocks and 316 Tahasils in Odisha

Let us know the District wise 314 Blocks and 316 Tahasils in Odisha. Odisha, a state on the eastern coast of India, is divided into 30 administrative geographical units called districts. These 30 districts have been placed under three different revenue divisions to streamline their governance. The Collector & District Magistrate is responsible for collecting the revenue and maintaining law and order in the district.

District wise 314 blocks and 316 tahasils in odisha
Blocks and Tahasils in Odisha

Each District is separated into Sub-Divisions and Sub-Division in Odisha is governed by a Sub-Collector & Sub-Divisional Magistrate. The Sub-Divisions are further divided into Tahasils.

Name of the DistrictName of TehsilsName of Blocks
Cuttack (CD)1. Cuttack1. Cuttack Sadar
Cuttack (CD)2. Baranga*2. Baranga
Cuttack (CD)3. Niali3. Kantapada
Cuttack (CD)4. Kantapada*4. Niali
Cuttack (CD)5. Salipur5. Tangi-Chowdwar
Cuttack (CD)6. Nischintakoili*6. Salipur
Cuttack (CD)7. Tangi-Chowdwar7. Nischintakoili
Cuttack (CD)8. Mahanga8. Mahanga
Cuttack (CD)9. Kishannagar 
Cuttack (CD)1. Athgarh1. Athgarh
Cuttack (CD)2. Baramba2. Tigiria
Cuttack (CD)3. Narasinghpur3. Baramba
Cuttack (CD)4. Tigiria4. Narasinghpur
Cuttack (CD)1. Banki1. Banki
Cuttack (CD)2. Damapada*2. Dampara
Jajpur (CD)1. Jajpur1. Jajpur
Jajpur (CD)2. Dasarathpur*2. Binjharpur
Jajpur (CD)3. Sukinda3 .Korei
Jajpur (CD)4. Darpan4. Bari
Jajpur (CD)5. Binjharpur5. Rasulpur
Jajpur (CD)6. Dharmasala6. Dasarathpur
Jajpur (CD)7. Bari7. Sukinda
Jajpur (CD)8. Vyasanagar*8. Dangadi
Jajpur (CD)9. Dangadi -N9. Dharmasala
Jajpur (CD)10. Rasulpur -N10.Badachana
Jagatsinghpur (CD)1. Jagatsinghpur1. Jagatsinghpur
Jagatsinghpur (CD)2. Raghunathpur*2. Raghunathpur
Jagatsinghpur (CD)3. Biridi*3. Biridi-F
Jagatsinghpur (CD)4. Kujang4. Balikuda
Jagatsinghpur (CD)5. Ersama*5. Nuagaon
Jagatsinghpur (CD)6. Tirtol6. Tirtol
Jagatsinghpur (CD)7. Balikuda7. Kujang
Jagatsinghpur (CD)8. Naugaon*8. Erasma
Kendrapara (CD)1. Aul1. Kendrapara
Kendrapara (CD)2. Kanika2. Derabis
Kendrapara (CD)3. Kendrapara3. Marsaghai
Kendrapara (CD)4. Derabis*4. Mahakalapada
Kendrapara (CD)5. Marsaghai5. Garadpur
Kendrapara (CD)6. Garadpur*6. Pattamundai
Kendrapara (CD)7. Pattamundai7. Rajnagar
Kendrapara (CD)8. Rajnagar8. Aul
Kendrapara (CD)9. Mahakalapara9. Rajkanika
Balasore (CD)1. Balasore1. Balasore
Balasore (CD)2. Remuna*2. Remuna
Balasore (CD)3. Basta3. Basta
Balasore (CD)4. Jaleswar4. Baliapal
Balasore (CD)5. Bhograi*5. Bhograi
Balasore (CD)6. Soro6. Jaleswar
Balasore (CD)7. Simulia7. Bahanaga
Balasore (CD)8. Khaira*8. Soro
Balasore (CD)9. Baliapal9. Simulia
Balasore (CD)10. Bahanaga-N10. Khaira
Balasore (CD)1. Nilgiri1. Nilgiri
Balasore (CD)2. Oupada*2. Oupada
Bhadrak (CD)1. Bhadrak1. Bhadrak
Bhadrak (CD)2. Chandabali2. Bonth
Bhadrak (CD)3. Dhamnagar3. Basudevpur
Bhadrak (CD)4. Bhandaripokhari*4. Tihidi
Bhadrak (CD)5. Basudevpur5. Chandabali
Bhadrak (CD)6. Banth6. Dhamnagar
Bhadrak (CD)7. Tihidi7. Bhandari pokhari
Puri (CD)1. Krushnaprasad1. Krushna- prasad
Puri (CD)2. Nimapara2. Brahmagiri
Puri (CD)3. Gop*3. Sadar
Puri (CD)4. Pipili4. Gop
Puri (CD)5. Delanga*5. Kakatpur
Puri (CD)6. Puri6. Astarang
Puri (CD)7. Kanas*7. Nimapara
Puri (CD)8. Kakatpur8. Pipili
Puri (CD)9. Astaranga*9. Delang
Puri (CD)10. Satyabadi10.Kanas
Puri (CD)11. Brahmagiri11.Satyabadi
Khurda (CD)1. Bhubaneswar1. Bhubaneswar
Khurda (CD)2. Balipatna*2. Jatni
Khurda (CD)3. Balianta*3. Balipatna
Khurda (CD)4. Jatani4. Balianta
Khurda (CD)1. Khurda1. Khurda
Khurda (CD)2. Banpur2. Tangi
Khurda (CD)3. Chilika*3. Banpur
Khurda (CD)4. Bolgarh4. Bolgarh
Khurda (CD)5. Begunia5. Chilika
Khurda (CD)6. Tangi6. Begunia
Nayagarh (CD)1. Daspalla1. Nayagarh
Nayagarh (CD)2. Gania*2. Ranpur
Nayagarh (CD)3. Khandapara3. Odagaon
Nayagarh (CD)4. Bhapur*4. Nuagaon
Nayagarh (CD)5. Nayagarh5. Khandapada
Nayagarh (CD)6. Odogaon*6. Bhapur
Nayagarh (CD)7. Nuagaon*7. Daspalla
Nayagarh (CD)8. Ranpur8. Gania
Mayurbhanj(CD)1. Rairangpur1. Rairangpur
Mayurbhanj(CD)2. Bahalda2. Bijatala
Mayurbhanj(CD)3. Bijatala -N3. Bisoi
Mayurbhanj(CD)4. Bisoi -N4. Jamda
Mayurbhanj(CD)5. Jamuda -N5. Bahalda
Mayurbhanj(CD)6. Kusumi -N6. Tiring
Mayurbhanj(CD)7. Tiring -N7. Kusumi
Mayurbhanj(CD)1. Baripada1. Baripada
Mayurbhanj(CD)2. Sarasakana*2. Kuliana
Mayurbhanj(CD)3. Betnoti3. Suliapada
Mayurbhanj(CD)4. Rasgovindpur4. Rasgovindpur
Mayurbhanj(CD)5. Barsahi5. Morada
Mayurbhanj(CD)6. Bangiriposhi -N6. Samakhunta
Mayurbhanj(CD)7. Kuliana -N7. Bodasahi
Mayurbhanj(CD)8. Morada -N8. Bangiriposi
Mayurbhanj(CD)9. Samakhunta -N9. Betnati
Mayurbhanj(CD)10.Suliapada -N10.Sarasakana
Mayurbhanj(CD)1. Udala1. Udala
Mayurbhanj(CD)2. G.B.Nagar -N2. Kaptipada
Mayurbhanj(CD)3. Kaptipada -N3. Khunta
Mayurbhanj(CD)4. Khunta -N4. Gopabandhunagar
Mayurbhanj(CD)1. Karanjia1. Karanjia
Mayurbhanj(CD)2. Jasipur*2. Thakurmunda
Mayurbhanj(CD)3. Raruan3. Jasipur
Mayurbhanj(CD)4. Thakurmunda -N4. Sukruli
Mayurbhanj(CD)5. Sukruli -N5. Raruan
Dhenkanal (ND)1. Dhenkanal1. Sadar
Dhenkanal (ND)2. Gondia2. Odapada
Dhenkanal (ND)3. Odapada -N3. Gondia
Dhenkanal (ND)1. Hindol1. Hindol
Dhenkanal (ND)1. Kamakhyanagar1. Kamakhyanagar
Dhenkanal (ND)2. Bhuban2. Kankadahad
Dhenkanal (ND)3. Parjang3. Bhuban
Dhenkanal (ND)4. Kankadahada -N4. Parjang
Anugul(ND)1. Angul1. Anugul
Anugul(ND)2 Banarpal*2. Banarpal
Anugul(ND)3. Chhendipada3. Chhendipada
Anugul(ND)1. Talcher1. Talcher
Anugul(ND)2. Kaniha*2. Kaniha
Anugul(ND)1. Athmallik1. Athmallik
Anugul(ND)2. Kishorenagar *2. Kishorenagar
Anugul(ND)1. Pallahara1. Pallahara
Bolangir(ND)1. Bolangir1. Bolangir
Bolangir(ND)2. Tusura2. Loisinga
Bolangir(ND)3. Loisingha3. Puintala
Bolangir(ND)4. Agalpur -N4. Agalpur
Bolangir(ND)5. Deogaon -N5. Deogaon
Bolangir(ND)6. Puintala -N6. Gudvella
Bolangir(ND)1. Patnagarh1. Patnagarh
Bolangir(ND)2. Khaprakhol*2. Belpara
Bolangir(ND)3. Belpara -N3. Khaparakhol
Bolangir(ND)1. Titilagarh1. Titilagarh
Bolangir(ND)2. Kantabanji2. Muribahal
Bolangir(ND)3. Bangamunda -N3. Saintala
Bolangir(ND)4. Moribahal -N4. Bongamunda
Bolangir(ND)5. Saintala -N5. Tureikela
Subarnapur (N.D)1. Sonepur1.Tarva
Subarnapur (N.D)2. Tarava*2.Sonepur
Subarnapur (N.D)3. Rampur3.Dunguripalli
Subarnapur (N.D)4. Binika4.Binika
Subarnapur (N.D)1. Biramaharajpur1.Biramaharajpur
Subarnapur (N.D)2. Ulunda*2.Ullunda
Sambalpur (N.D)1. Sambalpur1. Dhankhanda
Sambalpur (N.D)2. Rengali2. Maneswar
Sambalpur (N.D)3. Jujomara -N3. Jujumura
Sambalpur (N.D)4. Maneswar -N4. Rengali
Sambalpur (N.D)1. Rairakhol1. Rairakhol
Sambalpur (N.D)2. Naktideuli*2. Naktideul
Sambalpur (N.D)1. Kuchinda1. Kuchinda
Sambalpur (N.D)2. Bamara*2. Bamra
Sambalpur (N.D)3. Jamankira -N3. Jamankira
Bargarh (N.D)1. Bargarh1. Bargarh
Bargarh (N.D)2. Attabira2. Barpalli
Bargarh (N.D)3. Bheden3. Attabira
Bargarh (N.D)4. Barpalli4. Bhatli
Bargarh (N.D)5. Bhatli5. Bheden
Bargarh (N.D)6. Ambabhona-N6. Ambabhana
Bargarh (N.D)1. Padmapur1. Rajborasambar
Bargarh (N.D)2. Gaisilet*2. Paikmal
Bargarh (N.D)3. Paikmal3. Jharabandha
Bargarh (N.D)4. Sohela4. Gaisilet
Bargarh (N.D)5. Bijepur*5. Sohela
Bargarh (N.D)6. Jharbandh-N6. Bijepur
Keonjhar (N.D)1. Anandapur1. Anadapur
Keonjhar (N.D)2. Hatdihi2. Hatadihi
Keonjhar (N.D)3. Ghasipura -N3. Ghasipur
Keonjhar (N.D)1. Barbil1. Champua
Keonjhar (N.D)2. Champua2. Jhumpura
Keonjhar (N.D)3. Jhumpura – N3. Joda
Keonjhar (N.D)1. Telkoi1. Keonjhargarh
Keonjhar (N.D)2. Keonjhar2. Harichandanpur
Keonjhar (N.D)3. Ghatgaon3. Patna
Keonjhar (N.D)4. Harichandanpur*4. Ghatgaon
Keonjhar (N.D)5. Patna5. Saharpada
Keonjhar (N.D)6. Bansapal -N6. Telkoi
Keonjhar (N.D)7. Saharpada -N7. Banspal
Sundargarh (N.D)1. Panposh1. Kuarmunda
Sundargarh (N.D)2. Biramitrapur2. Nuagaon
Sundargarh (N.D)3. Rourkela3. Bisra
Sundargarh (N.D)4. Bisra -N4. Lathikata
Sundargarh (N.D)5. Lathikata -N 
Sundargarh (N.D)1. Hemgir1. Lafripada
Sundargarh (N.D)2. Rajgangpur2. Hemgiri
Sundargarh (N.D)3. Sundargarh3. Rajgangpur
Sundargarh (N.D)4. Subdega*4. Kutra
Sundargarh (N.D)5. Lephripara5. Sundargarh
Sundargarh (N.D)6. Tangarpalli *6. Bargaon
Sundargarh (N.D)7. Balisankara7. Subdega
Sundargarh (N.D)8. Badagaon -N8. Balisankara
Sundargarh (N.D)9. Kutra -N9. Tangarpalli
Sundargarh (N.D)1. Bonai1. Lahunipada
Sundargarh (N.D)2. Koida*2. Koira
Sundargarh (N.D)3. Gurundia -N3. Bonaigarh
Sundargarh (N.D)4. Lahunipada -N4. Gurundia
Jharsuguda (N.D)1. Jharsuguda1. Jharsuguda
Jharsuguda (N.D)2. Laikera*2. Lakhanpur
Jharsuguda (N.D)3. Lakhanpur3. Kolabira
Jharsuguda (N.D)4. Kolabira -N4. Laikera
Jharsuguda (N.D)5. Kirimira -N5. Kirimira
Deogarh(N.D)1. Deogarh1. Riamal
Deogarh(N.D)2. Riamal*2. Barkote
Deogarh(N.D)3. Barkote -N3. Tileibani
Kalahandi (S.D)1. Bhawanipatna1. Bhawanipatna
Kalahandi (S.D)2. Lanjigarh2. Kesinga
Kalahandi (S.D)3. Thuamulrampur3. Narla
Kalahandi (S.D)4. Kesingha4. M.Rampur
Kalahandi (S.D)5. M.Rampur5. Karlamunda
Kalahandi (S.D)6. Kariamunda -N6. Lanjigarh
Kalahandi (S.D)7. Narla -N7. ThumalRampur
Kalahandi (S.D)1. Dharmagarh1. Dharmagarh
Kalahandi (S.D)2. Junagarh*2. Junagarh
Kalahandi (S.D)3. Jaipatna3. Jaipatna
Kalahandi (S.D)4. Koksara*4. Koksara
Kalahandi (S.D)5. Golamunda -N5. Kalampur
Kalahandi (S.D)6. Kalampur -N6. Golamunda
Nuapada (S.D)1. Nuapada1. Nawapara
Nuapada (S.D)2. Komna*2. Komna
Nuapada (S.D)3. Khariar3. Khariar
Nuapada (S.D)4. Boden*4. Sinapalli
Nuapada (S.D)5. Sinapali -N5. Boden
Ganjam (S.D)1. Berhampur1. Rangeilunda
Ganjam (S.D)2. Chikiti2. Kukudakhandi
Ganjam (S.D)3. Digapahandi3. Digapahandi
Ganjam (S.D)4. Kanisi4. Sankhemundi
Ganjam (S.D)5. Patrapur5. Chikiti
Ganjam (S.D)6. Sanakhemundi-N6. Patrapur
Ganjam (S.D)1. Chhatrapur1. Chhatrapur
Ganjam (S.D)2. Kodala2. Ganjam
Ganjam (S.D)3. Khalikote3. Khalikote
Ganjam (S.D)4. Purusottampur4. Kodala
Ganjam (S.D)5. Hinjilicut5. Purusottampur
Ganjam (S.D)6. Ganjam-N6. Hinjilicut
Ganjam (S.D)7. Kabisuryanagar -N7. Polsara
Ganjam (S.D)8. Polsara -N>8. K.S.Nagar
Ganjam (S.D)1. Aska1. Bhanjanagar
Ganjam (S.D)2. Bhanjanagar2. Belguntha
Ganjam (S.D)3. Buguda3. Jagannathprasad
Ganjam (S.D)4. Surada4. Buguda
Ganjam (S.D)5. Seragad*5. Aska
Ganjam (S.D)6. Belguntha -N6. Seragad
Ganjam (S.D)7. Dharakote -N7. Dharakote
Ganjam (S.D)8. Jagannathprasad -N8. Surada
Gajapati (S.D)1. Paralakhemundi1. Kasinagar
Gajapati (S.D)2. Rayagada*2. Paralakhemundi
Gajapati (S.D)3. R.Udayagiri3. Rayagada
Gajapati (S.D)4. Mohana4. Gumma
Gajapati (S.D)5. Kasinagar-N5. R.Udayagiri
Gajapati (S.D)6. Guma -N6. Mohana
Gajapati (S.D)7. Nuagad -N7. Nuagad
Koraput (S.D)1. Koraput1. Koraput
Koraput (S.D)2. Dasmantapur*2. Similiguda
Koraput (S.D)3. Laxmipur*3. Pottangi
Koraput (S.D)4. Pottangi4. Laxmipur
Koraput (S.D)5. Machhkund5. Nandapur
Koraput (S.D)6. Nandapur*6. Bandhugaon
Koraput (S.D)7. Narayanpatna7. Narayanpatna
Koraput (S.D)8. Bandhugaon -N8. Lamtaput
Koraput (S.D)9. Similiguda -N9. Dasmantpur
Koraput (S.D)1. Boriguma1. Jeypore
Koraput (S.D)2. Jeypore2. Kotpada
Koraput (S.D)3. Kotpad3. Kundara
Koraput (S.D)4. Boipariguda-N4. Bariguma
Koraput (S.D)5. Kundura -N5. Boipariguda
Malkangiri (S.D)1. Malkangiri1. Malkangiri
Malkangiri (S.D)2. Mathili*2. Korkunda
Malkangiri (S.D)3. Motu3. Podia
Malkangiri (S.D)4. Chitrakonda4. Khairaput
Malkangiri (S.D)5. Kalimela*5. Kudumuluguma
Malkangiri (S.D)6. Khairiput -N6. Kalimela
Malkangiri (S.D)7. Kudumulguma -N7. Mathili
Rayagada (S.D)1. Kashipur1. Rayagada
Rayagada (S.D) 2. Kasipur
Rayagada (S.D)2. Rayagada3. Kolnara
Rayagada (S.D)3. K.Singpur -N4. K.Singpur
Rayagada (S.D)4. Kolnara -N 
Rayagada (S.D)1. Bisam-Cuttack1. Gunupur
Rayagada (S.D)2. Gunupur2. Gudari
Rayagada (S.D)3. Gudari*3. Bisam-Cuttack
Rayagada (S.D)4. Chandrapur -N4. Chandrapur
Rayagada (S.D)5. Muniguda -N5. Muniguda
Rayagada (S.D)6. Padmapur -N6. Ramanguda
Rayagada (S.D)7. Ramanaguda -N7. Padmapur
Nabarangpur (S.D)1. Nawrangpur1. Nawrangpur
Nabarangpur (S.D)2. Umerkote2. Umerkote
Nabarangpur (S.D)3. Raighar*3. Tentulikhunti
Nabarangpur (S.D)4. Kodinga4. Chandahandi
Nabarangpur (S.D)5. Dabugaon5. Kosagumuda
Nabarangpur (S.D)6. Jharigaon*6. Papadahandi
Nabarangpur (S.D)7. Chandahandi -N7. Jharigam
Nabarangpur (S.D)8. Nandahandi -N8. Dabugaon
Nabarangpur (S.D)9. Papadahandi -N9. Raighar
Nabarangpur (S.D)10.Tentulikhunti -N10.Nandahandi
Kandhamal (S.D)1. Baliguda1. Balliguda
Kandhamal (S.D)2. G.Udayagiri2. Chakpad
Kandhamal (S.D)3. Daringibadi3. Daringibadi
Kandhamal (S.D)4. Chakpada -N4. G.Udayagiri
Kandhamal (S.D)5. Kotagarh -N5. Kotgarh
Kandhamal (S.D)6. K. Nuagaon -N6. Nuagaon
Kandhamal (S.D)7. Tikabali -N7. Raikia
Kandhamal (S.D)8. Tumudibandha -N8. Tikabali
Kandhamal (S.D)9. Raikia -N9. Tumudibandh
Kandhamal (S.D)1. Kondhmal1. Phulbani
Kandhamal (S.D)2. Khajuriapada -N2. Phiringia
Kandhamal (S.D)3. Phiringia -N3. Khajuripada
Boudh (S.D)1. Boudh1. Boudh
Boudh (S.D)2. Kantamal2. Harabhanga
Boudh (S.D)3. Harbhanga -N3. Kantamal
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