Updated List of All 114 ULBs Name in Odisha

There are 5 Municipal Corporations, 46 Municipalities & 63 Notified Area Councils making a total of 114 Urban Local Bodies in Odisha. General Election to ULBs-2022 was held on 24.03.2022.

ULBs in Odisha

All NAC, Municipality & Municipal Corporation List in Odisha

  • Municipal Corporations – 5
  • Municipalities – 46
  • NACs (Notified Area Councils) – 63

Name of District-wise ULBs in Odisha

SlDistrictULB Name
1AngulAngul (Municipality)
2AngulAthmallik (NAC)
3AngulTalcher (Municipality)
4BolangirBolangir (Municipality)
5BolangirKantabanjhi (NAC)
6BolangirPatnagarh (NAC)
7BolangirTusura (NAC)
8BolangirTitlagarh (Municipality)
9BalasoreBalesore (Municipality)
10BalasoreJaleswar (Municipality)
11BalasoreNilagiri (NAC)
12BalasoreSoro (Municipality)
13BargarhBaragarh (Municipality)
14BargarhPadampur (NAC)
15BargarhBarapalli (NAC)
16BargarhAttabira (NAC)
17BargarhBijepur (NAC)
18BhadrakBhadrak (Municipality)
19BhadrakBasudevpur (Municipality)
20BhadrakChandbali (NAC)
21BhadrakDhamnagar (NAC)
22BoudhBoudhgarh (NAC)
23CuttackAthgarh (NAC)
24CuttackBanki (NAC)
25CuttackChodwar (Municipality)
26CuttackCuttack (Municipal Corporation)
27DeogarhDeogarh (Municipality)
28DhenkanalBhuban (NAC)
29DhenkanalDhenkanal (Municipality)
30DhenkanalKamakhyanagar (NAC)
31DhenkanalHindol (NAC)
32GajapatiParalakhemundi (Municipality)
33GajapatiKashinagar (NAC)
34GanjamAska (NAC)
35GanjamBelaguntha (NAC)
36GanjamBerhampur (Municipal Corporation)
37GanjamBhanjanagar (NAC)
38GanjamBuguda (NAC)
39GanjamChatrapur (NAC)
40GanjamChikiti (NAC)
41GanjamDigapahandi (NAC)
42GanjamGanjam (NAC)
43GanjamGopalpur (NAC)
44GanjamHinjilcut (NAC)
45GanjamKavisuryanagar (NAC)
46GanjamKhallikot (NAC)
47GanjamKodala (NAC)
48GanjamPolosara (NAC)
49GanjamPurusottampur (NAC)
50GanjamRambha (NAC)
51GanjamSoroda (NAC)
52JagatsinghpurJagatsinghpur (Municipality)
53JagatsinghpurParadeep (Municipality)
54JajpurJajpur (Municipality)
55JajpurVyasanagar (Municipality)
56JharsugudaBelpahar (Municipality)
58JharsugudaJharsuguda (Municipality)
59KalahandiBhawanipatna (Municipality)
60KalahandiJunagarh (NAC)
61KalahandiDharmagarh (NAC)
62KalahandiKesinga (NAC)
63KandhamalBaliguda (NAC)
64KandhamalG. Udayagiri (NAC)
65KandhamalPhulbani (Municipality)
66KendrapadaKendrapada (Municipality)
67KendrapadaPattamundai (Municipality)
68KeonjhargarhAnandapur (Municipality)
69KeonjhargarhBarbil (Municipality)
70KeonjhargarhChampua (NAC)
71KeonjhargarhJoda (Municipality)
72KeonjhargarhKeonjhargarh (Municipality)
73KhurdaBhubaneswar (Municipal Corporation)
74KhurdaBalugaon (NAC)
75KhurdaBanapur (NAC)
76KhurdaJatni (Municipality)
77KhurdaKhurda (Municipality)
78KoraputJeypore (Municipality)
79KoraputKoraput (Municipality)
80KoraputKotpad (NAC)
81KoraputSunabeda (Municipality)
82MalkangiriMalkangiri (Municipality)
83MalkangiriBalimela (NAC)
84MayurbhanjBaripada (Municipality)
85MayurbhanjKaranjia (NAC)
86MayurbhanjRairangpur (Municipality)
87MayurbhanjUdala (NAC)
88NayagarhKhandapara (NAC)
89NayagarhDaspalla (NAC)
90NayagarhRanpur (NAC)
91NayagarhNayagarh (Municipality)
92NayagarhOdagaon (NAC)
93NawarangpurNawarangpur (Municipality)
94NawarangpurUmerkote (Municipality)
95NuapadaKhariar (NAC)
96NuapadaKhariar Road (NAC)
97NuapadaNuapada (NAC)
98PuriKonark (NAC)
99PuriNimapara (NAC)
100PuriPipili (NAC)
101PuriPuri (Municipality)
102RayagadaGudari (NAC)
103RayagadaGunupur (NAC)
104RayagadaRayagada (Municipality)
105SambalpurKuchinda (NAC)
106SambalpurRedhakhol (NAC)
107SambalpurSambalpur (Municipal Corporation)
108SubarnapurBinika (NAC)
109SubarnapurSonepur (Municipality)
110SubarnapurTarva (NAC)
111SundargarhBiramitrapur (Municipality)
112SundargarhRajgangpur (Municipality)
114SundargarhRourkela (Municipal Corporation)
Name of 114 ULBs of Odsisha

FAQ / People Also Ask

How many Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) in Odisha?

There are 114 Nos. of Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) in Odisha.

How many Notified Area Councils (NACs) in Odisha?

There are 63 Nos. of Urban Local ies (ULBs) in Odisha.

How many Municipalities in Odisha?

There are 46 Nos. of Municipalities in Odisha

Who is the head of urban local body?

Mayor-In case of Nagarpalika/Municipal Corporations.
Chairperson-In case of NAC/Municipality
Mayor/Chairperson is elected by the majority of the Board of Councillors/ Corporator or directly and is the executive head. Various committees are formed to assist the the council/corporation.
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