What is the Meaning of Lion on Elephant Statue in Temple

Meaning of Lion on Elephant Statue – there are two types of reason behind this. One is Devotional and Historical.

Devotional – Consciousness is the Mastery of the Senses

  1. An elephant is a symbol of desire, a lion is a symbol of restraint. Because the elephant frolics all the time, but the lion frolics only at certain times of the year. Sitting on the lion’s head means the victory of temperance over desire. When going to the temple, one should be restrained.
  2. The strong mighty lion, the symbol of restraint, suppresses the gigantic body of the elephant.

Historical – Royal Authority

  1. In ancient art, we are find that the lion, the elephant, the bull, and the horse represented regal and spiritual might.
  2. In ancient Persian art, the depiction of a king slaying lions signified royal authority.
  3. In India, the lion became the king’s emblem and was thus linked to the goddess Durga.

Photo – Lion on Elephant Statue


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