Key Points on Armed Forces Flag Day 2022

The Armed Forces Flag Day or it is also called as the Flag Day of India. It is a special day to honour the soldiers and veterans of India’s armed forces. Since 1949, it has been held every year on December 7 in India.

Armed Forces Flag Day
Armed Forces Flag Day

7 Key Points on Armed Forces Flag Day

  1. History :- On August 28, 1949, a committee set up under the defence minister decided to observe and celebrated a Flag Day annually on December 7.
  2. Purpose:- Immediately after India achieved independence, the government need to care to manage the welfare of its defence personnel.
  3. Significance:- Every civilian must take the responsibility for taking care of the families and dependents of the armed forces personnel who fight and server for the country.
  4. Promotion:- Battle casualty rehabilitation, Resettlement and wellbeing of ex-servicemen and their families.
  5. Flag Day Fund :- The original Flag Day Fund was set up in 1949. The Indian Defense Ministry merged welfare funding into a single Flag Day fund in 1993.
  6. Fund Collection:-The fund collection is managed by the local arms of the Kendriya Sainik Board (KSB) throughout the country .
  7. This day is marked to pay tribute to the Indian soldiers, sailors, and pilots.
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