List of Tourist, Picnic & Famous Places in Balasore District

Let us know the List of Tourist Places in Balasore District. Local and national tourists visit gorgeous beaches and temples. It is best known for Panchalingeswar , Chandipur beach and also for Talasari, Chawmukh, and Kashaphal are prominent District beaches and Khirochora Gopinath, Langaleswar, Laxmannath, Chandaneswar, Maninageswar are popular temples.

tourist places in balasore
tourist places in balasore

Balasore District at a Glance

It was part of Kalinga till Mukunda Dev’s death, then Toshal or Utkal. Balasore became a district in October 1828. In eastern India’s Odisha state, Balasore (Baleswara) is 194 kilometres north of Bhubaneswar and 300 miles from Kolkata. Northern Odisha’s largest town.

  • Weather: 32 °C, Wind SE at 0 km/h, 35% Humidity
  • Area: 3,806 Sq. Km.
  • Elevation: 16 m (52 ft)
  • Telephone code: 06782
  • Population: 2,317,419
  • Language: Odia
  • Villages: 3049

List of Tourist, Picnic & Beautiful Places in Balasore District

  • Talasari–Udaypur Beach – Talsari-broad Udaypur’s sandy beaches with red crabs and whistling casuarinas draw vacationers. The 3-km marine drive from Talsari to Udaypur sea beach is relaxing for tourists. Nature enthusiasts enjoy Talsari and Udaypur beach sunrises and sunsets. The nearest Railway Station is Jaleswar Railway Station which is 43 km and Digha railway station 6 km away from Talasari Beach.
  • Immami Jagannath temple– Immami Jagannath temple is 7 km from Balasore district headquarters. The new Jagannath Temple is a beautiful architectural model that draws many visitors. 2015 red stone temple campus with various side deities. All rituals follow Jagannath Temple Puri. The stone curve and manumental artefact attract people.
  • Khirachora temple-It is widely known by the name Vaishnab shirine. Also know as Remuna Gupta Vrindaban. It is located in Remuna, which is also home to a well-known Khirachora Gopinatha Temple. This one is positioned all around it. It is a little town that may be found nine kilometres to the east of Balasore. Balasore is the railroad connection that is most conveniently located to Remuna.
  • Chandipur beach – Chandipur is a unique sea beach in India. Seawater recedes twice a day. Tourists stroll 5 kilometres into the sea on the empty beach.
  • Panchalingeswar Saiva pitha – Visitors love its natural beauty. Odisha, West Bengal, and other tourists come here year-round to see Lord and enjoy the scenery.
  • Chandaneswar Temple – The Lord Shiva temple at Chandaneswar is a North Odisha religious and cultural institution. This sacred shrine celebrates Chadak Mela. During Chadak Mela (April) and Shivarati, millions of people from Odisha, West Bengal, Bihar, and other states come to worship Lord Chandaneswar. From both Balasore (88 kilometres away) and Digha, Chandaneswar may be reached through a motorable road in good condition ( 6 Kms.). From both Balasore and Jaleswar, there are frequent bus services that will take you to the location (40km).

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