Powerful Mantra of Guru Bandana on Guru Purnima

Let us Know the Powerful Mantra of Guru Bandana on Guru Purnima. Guru PurnimaTell us why everyone needs a guru. Guru worship and Satguru selection. Guru denotes mentor, guide, expert, or master in Sanskrit. Guru-shishya tradition in Gurukula is the best example of teacher-student relationship in Indian education. Let’s learn more about why everyone needs a spiritual Guru today to guide them.

guru bandana
Guru Bandana

Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu Guru Deva Maheshwar
Guru Sakshat Parambrahm, Tasmeshree Gurbe Namah.
Agyan Timarandhasya Jnanajan Shalakaya Chakshuramilatam Yen Tasmeshri Gurbe Namah

Guru Bandana on Guru Purnima

It is a day to express thanks for the source of wisdom that allows you to move with confidence and vision despite the problems that life throws at you and helps you maintain your equilibrium in the middle of those challenges. Gurubandanda Mantra on Guru Purnima.

Guru mo antar tume hrudaya devata
Bhava Potta Karna Dhar Gurupita Mata.
Se pada pankaje mana rahu nirantar.
Namo Namah Gurudev Karuna Sagar

Lastly we just pray the god every disciple will find a true guru who cross the false and selfish world with his divine words.

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