Ashokastami and Rukuna Rath Yatra 2023

Ashokastami is the dedication of Ashoka flowers to Lord Lingaraj during the procession of Lord Lingaraj on the eighth day of the lunar eclipse of the month of Chaitra.

On the day of the rath yatra, Maa Bhubaneswari rides with Mahaprabhu Lingaraj on a chariot to kill Suresh. This is another part of the rath yatra. The chariot is named after Rukmini because of the Rukmini chariot ride of Basudev and Lakshmi, accompanied by the moving idol of Lingaraj Mahaprabhu Chandrasekhar. Rukunarath is named for Lord Krishna’s wife, Rukmini. This way of naming goes back to the time of the Vaishnavas.

Date of Ashokastami and Rukuna Rath Yatra 2023 – 29th March 2023

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