Different Lord Jagannath besa – HD Photos of all 37 Besas

The Sanskrit term “besa” denotes adornment. The deities on the ‘Ratnavedi’ of Shree Jagannath Temple, Puri, dressed the traditional divine costumes from ‘Mangala Alati’ to ‘Ratri Pahuda’ everyday. The dresses are with cotton and silken fabrics, gold ornaments studded with valuable stones, flowers of all sorts, and other plants and herbs like as Tulasi, Dayana, Marua, and so on. Sandal paste, camphor, and occasionally expensive musk are being in everyday ritual and seasonal Festivals or Ceremonies.

Out of all beshas of lord Jagannath the “Suna Besa” are held several times during a year.

jagannath besa
all besas of jaganath

List of Jagannath Besa

Name of BeshaOdia MonthTithi
Adakia/Tribikram BeshaKartikaShukla Trayodashi
Bali Vamana BeshaBhaadraShukla Dwadashi
Bana Bhoji BeshaBhaadraKrushna Dashami
Bankachuda BeshaKartikaShukla Dwadashi
Chacheri BeshaPhalgunaPhalguna Shukla Dashami(Phagu Dashami) to Phalguna Shukla Chaturdashi
Chandana Lagi BeshaVaishakha & JeshthaVaishakha Shukla Trutiya(Akshaya Tritiya) to Jeshtha Shukla Chaturdashi
Dalikia/Lakshmi Nrusingha BeshaKartikaShukla Chaturdashi
Gaja Uddharana BeshaMaghaPurnima
Gajanana/Hati BeshaJeshthaPurnima
Ghodalagi BeshaMargashira, Pausha & MaghaMargashira Shukla Shashthi(Odhana Shashthi) to Magha Shukla Panchami(Basanta Panchami)
Harihara BeshaKartikaAll Mondays between Kartika Amabasya(Deepawali) to Kartika Shukla Dashami
Jamalagi BeshaMagha & PhalgunaMagha Shukla Panchami(Basanta Panchami) to Phalguna Shukla Dashami(Phagu Dashami)
Kaliya Dalana BeshaBhadrabKrushna Ekadashi
Krushna Balaram BeshaBhadrabKrushna Trayodashi
Makara Chaurashi BeshaMakarMakar Sankranti
Naba Jaubana BeshaAshadhaAmabasya
Nabanka BeshaMakarOne day before the Makar Sankranti
Nagarjuna BeshaKarttikaShukla Mala tithi between Kartika Shukla Dwadashi to Kartika Shukla Chaturdashi
Padma BeshaMaghaWednesday or Saturday between Magha Amabasya to Magha Shukla Panchami(Basanta Panchami)
Pralambasura Baddha BeshaBhadrabKrushna Dwadashi
Radha Damodar BeshaAshvin & KarttikaAshvin Shukla Ekadashi to Kartika Shukla Dashami
Raghunath BeshaVaishakhaIt had been held last time on April 27, 1905, Thursday
Shraddha BeshaMargashiraKrushna Chaturdashi, Amabasya & Shukla Pratipada
Suna BeshaAshadhaShukla Ekadashi
Suna Besha/Pushyabhisheka Besha/Raja BeshaPaushaPurnima
Suna Besha/Raja BeshaPhalgunaPurnima
Suna/Raja BeshaAshvinShukla Dashami(Vijaya Dashami or Dashahara)
Suna/Raja Rajeswar BeshaKarttikaPurnima
Thia Kia/Lakshmi Narayan BeshaKarttikaShukla Ekadashi

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