Triveni Amavasya – Maa Biraja’s birthday

Maa Biraja’s birthday is commemorated on Triveni Amavasya, also known as Tribeni Amavasya, which falls on the no-moon day of the Magha month (January-February) in Odisha.
Maa Biraja is the presiding deity at the Biraja temple in Jajpur, Odisha. The temple is one of the oldest Hindu temples, established in the 13th century. In Hindu mythology, Biraja is the name of Devi Sati, a Durga manifestation. Sati’s naval portion is reported to have fallen at the Biraja temple in Jaipur.

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Birthday of Maa Biraja and Triveni Amabasya

In honor of her birthday, she is adorned with golden decorations in the form of Goddess Sāvitri, the partner of Brahama, the creator. She wears only yellow, and the Brahma-Tantra’s Gayātri mantra is used to adore her.

The new moon of Magha month is called Mouni Amavasya or Triveni Amavasya. On this day, devotees prefer to take a dip in the holy place of Kubha Mela. Many pious people observe a silent fast on this day before bathing in the Triveni Sangam.

According to astrology, the Moon, the god of our mind and thoughts, is not seen and remains weak during the new moon. So a person cannot take any important decision on this day. Apart from that, once a year, the Sun or the Sun moves into the sign of Capricorn. Saturn is the consort or lord of Capricorn and the opposition of Moon. Placement of Rabi in Capricorn increases the influence of Capricorn and Saturn. As a result, the moon becomes even weaker. Our mind and emotions are controlled by the moon. So our thinking and decision making powers are relatively weak. So it is better to keep silent without talking much on the day of Mauni Amavasya.

Taking Bath at Baitarani River

It is believed that one gets good fortune by taking a bath. Taking a dip in a pilgrimage site, observing a fast and worshiping Lord Vishnu during the new moon of Mauni brings great merit. There is also a rule to observe the peepal tree on this day. Throughout the month of Makar, Hindu devotees and devotees wait for the new moon by bathing, donating and performing puja or ‘Kalpvas’ at the confluence of Prayag. Some saints drink only water throughout the month and some observe Havish once a day. It is also said that in the beginning of creation everything was quiet and silent. Then the word was created and this word was O or Brahmanada. There is power in every word and it is this power that can change the situation around. Being silent during the new moon, the soul remains in the body. It gives power, ability.

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